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Our Partners


"We get by with a little help from our friends."  

Baudelaire thrives through its partnerships.  

  • Partnerships with the artisanal producers who shepherd quality ingredients through traditional techniques to create wonderful soaps, fragrances, and body care products.
  • Partnerships with overseas women collectives, and with specialist suppliers like our natural sea sponge processor.
  • Partnerships with our shop owner retailers who create inspiring collections of products and who have unique connections with the customers they service.
  • Partnerships with our designers and creatives who help to tell the Baudelaire story. 

Here is a spotlight is on some of our partners.

 Our Artisan Producers

 Provence Sante' (France)

Hard to believe it has been over 20 years since we received a clandestine call from our contact at the French Embassy informing us of a "small Provencal company we might be interested in."  Turns out that small company was a master of artisanal soapmaking and deeply rooted in the traditional values of Provence.

Although a lot has changed in these two decades, a lot has also stayed the same! Their commitment to authenticity and quality, and willingness to partner with Baudelaire has resulted in:

  • A comprehensive range of soaps, bath, moisturizing, and other personal-care products.
  • A commitment to maintaining the traditions of Provençal product formulation and manufacture.
  • Ten distinctive Provençal fragrances: Apricot, Bergamot, Fig, Jasmine, Lavender, Linden, Sweet Almond, Vervain, Vetiver, Wild Rose.

More than thirty years ago, Provence Santé began selling its products at village “farmer’s markets” throughout Provence. Since then, the company has grown into one of the leading independent, imported, soap/personal-care lines in America.

Provence Santé is owned by Stephane Lecaille and Natacha Lecaille. Stephane is a master savonnier(soapmaker) who began his career handcrafting soaps with Olivier Baussan and Bernard Chevaillat at Ardecosm, a distinguished French laboratoire.

Co-owner Natacha Lecaille is a trained chemiste and esthetician who specializes in the formulation and fragrancing of soaps and bath/personal care products.

The company is involved in every step of the process: formulating, selecting raw ingredients, efficacy, safety testing, and production. All products meet the specifications of Ecocert, the French list of approved ingredients

Their offices are located in a picturesque 300 year-old former abbey in the medieval village of Lussan in southern France. 


Laboratorie Odysud - Creators of Acorelle (France)

Founded in 2005 by Regis Lelong, a veteran of both the cosmetic and natural healing industries, Laboratorie Odysud created the Acorelle line of personal fragrance.  Based in Frespech, a small village in the Lot et Garonne region of southwestern France, this young company leads the organic perfume market and is noteworthy for its 100% solar powered facility, too. The Acorelle brand was created as a pioneer in the organic and natural beauty market.  Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is used in every formulation.  Acorelle products meet the specifications of COSMEBIO(organic) and are Ecocert approved.

Baudelaire is proud to be the U.S. distributor of these curated and 100% natural fragrance products.


Our Specialist Suppliers

Acme Sponge - Supplier of Natural Sea Sponges

The Cantonis family, founders of Acme Sponge, have been supplying wholesalers with natural sponges for all sorts of human uses since 1938, and the company has roots generations back to the natural sponge merchants in Greece.  Harvesting the renewable natural resource of sea sponges from the ocean requires an appreciation of the life cycle and rejuvenation abilities of this amazing animal.  (Yes, you heard right- sponges are actually animals, albeit minus the brain or the central nervous system.)  Harvesting correctly means ensuring that the base (roots) of the sponge remains intact which is necessary for regrowth to occur. Overfishing has had negative impacts on population levels in the past so alertness to correct harvesting practices is the rule.  Acme maintains large inventories of most of the commerically useful sponge varieties, and we are grateful to be able to rely on the Cantonis's knowledge and experience.

Transylvanian Images

Some of our bath accessories - like our well loved hemp wash mitts- are created by women's collectives. The hemp ladies live in  rural Transylvania, Romania. (Our horsehair and sisal scrubbers come from a similar group in Colombia.)These collectives offer jobs to women and, in turn, offer the marketplace hand-woven textiles that are natural, high quality and grown on pesticide-free farms.  The work is high quality and fits beautifully into the Baudelaire line of products.



  Our Communication Partners

Adrienne Pollard Design

Adrienne has been with us from the early days and her clear way of approaching design has helped us to translate the Baudelaire concept into the Baudelaire reality.  Based in Montana, Adrienne has brought a clean and fresh aesthetic to our packaging and promotional materials.  She is a designer who can take an idea from concept to conclusion on her own and, in addition, is willing to listen to her clients.  Her versatility in many design arenas: product packaging, photo styling, print catalog,etc. has made her an invaluable resource for us.

Edward Thomas Photography

Product photography is a specialized field and Baudelaire has had Ed Thomas working with our photo shoots for a number of years. When we first started working with Ed he was based in Connecticut, but in a strange stroke of luck, he recently moved to NH! Ed's work allows the products to shine. Referred to by Joe as a "wizard of light", Ed has been an invaluable partner to Baudelaire.